MOA & Peace Jaway

     A Brief History

Back in the Day


I was born in 1968 and lived a fairly uneventful life for many years. My interests lay in science, entertainment, and astrology, so those are the things I've always studied. Dude, Sr. makes me a whole person, and Dude, Jr. makes me a better one.


Moments of Awareness

MOA was conceived as a venue through which Peace envisioned giving the community a place to have a conversation and artists a place to share their work. With that in mind, the views and opinions expressed on Moments of Awareness with Peace & the Dudes and The Fam are those of the expressers thereof and may or may not reflect the views of MOA, Psychedelic Aire, or Peace & the Dudes Jaway.

Dude, Sr. just likes makin' TV, video, and animation. J

Since MOA was born into actual being in September, 1996, as Moments of Awareness with Peace & Dominico & the Fam, the show and the brand have undergone a few incarnations, the broadcast changing mostly in response to the capabilities of whatever studio it is out of which we're working, and the brand in response to our needs and abilities. Today we broadcast simply because we continue to enjoy doing so.

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