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     Artist Agreement

If you'd like your music, video, or other art displayed on Moments of Awareness, send us a booking inquiry, press kit, or message through any forum and we may add you to the queue.

Moments of Awareness
613 Robie Creek Road
Boise, ID 83716
attn: Art/Music Dept.

Please ensure that in addition to express written permission from the appropriate copyright holder (usually you) for us to use the works you make available, you include either the tracks/works you'd like us to dis/play, as well as any links you'd like included on our Featured Artists page. We can't respond to every enquiry, but if you believe we may have missed your correspondence, feel free to contact us again. By entering into this agreement, you certify that you own or hold necessary rights to all music and lyrics/video footage/images/artwork you submit. Artists with whom we have agreements dated between 1998 and 2013, please see below this agreement.

By sending your written request to air (in other words, when you say something to the effect of, Please dis/play [band name]/show [video]/broadcast [image] on Moments of Awareness), you agree to the following:

Artist Agreement

The band/artist/craftsperson/creator requesting broadcast, being of legal age to enter into a contract and the owner of all necessary rights to the work, or the official legal representative thereof [hereafter, "You"] hereby certify that You choose to release to Moments of Awareness with Peace & the Dudes/Peace & the Dudes Jaway [cumulatively hereafter, "MOA"] all necessary rights to use Your audio track/song/performance/video/image/artwork(s)/etc. in perpetuity as MOA sees fit, with respect and acknowledgement to You, it's owner(s). Portions of broadcasts containing Your music may be monetized to You provided Your music is registered with a participating Content Match provider. Further monetary or other compensation is neither guaranteed nor excepted, but should not be expected. MOA accepts no liability for misrepresentation on Your part regarding content You do not own. MOA claims no copyright in any work so provided for use, and may at MOA's discretion post, on the Moments of Awareness website, Your site and/or store information - as provided by You - via which viewers might learn more and/or buy Your music/products.

(Files larger than 20mb will be rejected by the server. If your file is too large to email, include a link in your message from which it can be downloaded.)

If we have an agreement to air with you from between 1998 and 2013 but your music isn't in our playlist, it's possible that we no longer have access to a written copy of the release you originally provided us. Our releases have changed over time to reflect updates in technology, but the essence of them is and always has been that if you ask us to play your music or show your other artwork, we may do so through any medium at any time in perpetuity, with credit given and financial compensation possible but not promised. If you'd like to renew that release, please contact us at one of the addresses given above and reiterate your desire to be broadcast on MOA.