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Peace & the Dudes Jaway are the extraordinarily ordinary human inhabitants of Jaway's Jungle in Robie Creek. In some ways they're probably a lot like you - e.g., the human thing - and in others, maybe not at all. Dude, Sr. and Peace are on the older end of middle age, have jobs and hobbies/occupations, and mostly engage in activities around the house when they're not working. Dude, Jr. is living his best possible life. All are as unremarkable and at the same time as arresting as any other human being, i.e. very to some and not at all to others in either direction.
Moments of Awareness is a lifecast of Jaway's Jungle and its inhabitants.
Life is a spectator sport. The Jaways have, in their time on air in various mediums and markets, gone through stages of wanting to entertain, perhaps enlighten (in their youthful folly), of wanting to interact, perhaps spark wider conversations among disparate group (at which they've sometimes, albeit rarely, succeeded), of wanting to motivate, maybe to inspire an evolution (ask us if you want to know why the distinction between that and a revolution must be made), but in the end it comes down at this point to just being a place on the web that people can come who've been coming for years, and those who've happened newly across MOA by chance in the intervening 20-plus years since its first public incarnation, where life goes on.
No. An 'experimence' is something between an experiment (intentional, but can be done by anyone without necessarily adhering to scientific rigor, in which case it may hold validity for the purposes of those performing the experiment - the experiment in this case seeking to understand how overt observation changes the nature of this game called life - but would not in the recognized scientific community) and just plain experiences, in this case those of both the observed and observer. The Jaways' only goal is to live life under observation.
MOA was conceived of in November of 1994. Its first broadcast was in Minneapolis, MN, US, in October of 1996, and its first livestream began out of Jacksonville, NC, US sometime in 1997 or '98.
Jaway's Jungle in Robie Creek.
That will come with time. MOA is funded entirely out-of-pocket by people who work for a living and have little disposable income, so improvements are made as finances allow.
No. MOA's current hosting provider charges $10/month for a security certificate that tells you nothing more than that its owners are willing to spend $10/mo. for the appearance of trustworthiness, and self-signed certificates cause more problems than they solve. When the Jaways get around to switching providers, they'll move to one that offers a free security certificate and then - without changing anything about the site or the business - it will have an https address. If in doubt about a site, it's worth checking its whois information for continuity of and transparency about ownership.